Ero Konbini Tenchou episode 3


Yoshihiro, who finished the help , worked again at his own shop
. Encounter of Shiori in a naked apron
Yui, Shiori, and Miki who were classmates. Yui who is amazed by the metamorphosis store manager who was also teaching friends other than themselves
, Shiori who is irritated. In the end, Yoshihiro was in a narrow shoulder position on the verge of being hijacked by Yui as a store manager,
but even in such a situation, it is nothing for Yoshihiro
… She was waiting in the room with a naked apron, and Yoshihiro attacked him,
but Shiori was crying and being beaten up without any flashy resistance.
Yoshihiro, who sprinkles pie, back, and spear freely, asks Miki for an unreasonable swing.
Drowning in me … With a self-convenient brain transformation,
Yui-chan, who secretly voyeurs such a friend with a surveillance camera in a state of a naked angel who accepts all metamorphosis unreasonable swings, crawls her finger on the body that shines grinningly I was letting you …