Hell Knight Ingrid episode 1


Tokyo, the magical city where the existence of darkness, Chimimoryō, is eroding.
Kunoichi of justice, darkness and darkness begin to move violently in the shadow where Taimanin and others play an active part.

Ingrid, a knight of the demon world, chases Kiryu who escapes by uncovering the betrayal of Samato Kiryu, a magician who was a compatriot of Nomad, a force of darkness.
However, when Kiryu strikes back at the dark church hidden in the skyscraper, Ingrid becomes a prisoner.
Kiryu, who burns in revenge, destroys Ingrid’s noble soul and provokes a flock of Chimimōryō who has a grudge against Ingrid in an attempt to lure her boss, the vampire Edwin Black, and thoroughly pollutes his limbs … … !!