Hell Knight Ingrid episode 3


Ingrid falls into a doll whose body and voice are controlled at will by Kiryu due to a brutal body modification.
Ingrid, who is afraid of aiming for the life of his lord as a minion of Kiryu, finally succumbs to Kiryu.
Similarly, Anti-demon hunter succumbs to Kiryu for Asagi, and the two proud warriors are dropped into the status of a ○○ whore who works for Kiryu …!?
The meal is an oak cloudy soup! A miserable street corner ○○ A noble warrior is mourning for service !!
“Death will be your reward !! If you fall into a female pig, I will kill you. Otherwise, you will be a thug to the Lord. !! ”
” No matter how miserably I fall, that person will definitely kill you …! ”
” Kiryu-sama! Ingrid. Are you still a demon knight? You’re a female pig, ○ ○ It became a prostitute Ingrid. Is that so? “