Hot for Teacher episode 1


Hiromi Hayama is an English teacher who has been transferred to Seimei Gakuen for about a year. She has an exceptional beauty and she is enthusiastic about studying. A farewell party for her colleague teacher was held at her restaurant. At that seat, the vice-principal, Bunzo Ishiguro, approached me unpleasantly. Yumi stubbornly refuses, but Ishiguro secretly mixes her sleeping pills with her drink and takes her to another room. When Yumi awoke, she was stripped naked by Ishiguro. Yumi pushed Ishiguro away and said, “I’m going to appeal to the board of education!”, Yumi hurried away from the scene. Ishiguro devised a plan, saying that it would not be good as it is. A few days later, her student Katsutoshi Yoshioka came to her Hiromi.

“Keiko has left home! Please help me find it!” Katsutoshi often hangs with Gondo, a thug, and there are constant bad rumors. It is because she is a childhood friend that she got acquainted with Keiko Fujimura, the school’s number one honor student. Katsutoshi put Yumi on the car bought by her parents and ran a little, and a man came in from the middle. Gondo. Yumi was taken to the basement of an abandoned factory, where Ishiguro was waiting. Yumi was tied up, her clothes shredded, and she was made into a toy for Ishiguro and Gondo. Katsutoshi, who was given a video camera, was upset. He never thought he would do it this far. However, Katsutoshi cannot go against them. I had no choice but to shoot Yumi who was screaming and being fucked. Since then, Yumi has been threatened and trained by Ishiguro and Gondo, and she has become fully obedient.