Hot for Teacher episode 2


As usual, Yumi was under the control of Ishiguro and Gondo. She was also on this day, she gathered the greats of the education world, and she was all served at once. When Yumi came home in tatters, Katsutoshi was waiting in front of her room. Inviting him into her house, Yumi began to seek Katsutoshi. Katsutoshi who is upset. “Teacher, stop it.” “What are you saying. That’s the habit that came for the purpose.” Katsutoshi sat down and apologized when he saw the change. I want to help Yumi. But when she went against them, she also confessed that Keiko was in danger, and she cried when she didn’t know what to do. Yumi gently embraced such Katsutoshi. “It’s okay, just as it is.

I don’t mind anymore. So, protect Keiko-chan.” Katsutoshi embraced her with tears in her heart. As we enthusiastically interacted with each other, each had a determination in their hearts. Katsutoshi saves Hiromi … Yumi protects Katsutoshi and her Keiko … Yumi confessed that she should go out with her from Tachikawa. “I have a habit of not knowing anything about me. If I knew it, I would despise it,” Tachikawa was confused. What the hell is there? “Is that the vice-principal? By the way, I was with Keiko a while ago.” “Keiko-chan?” Hiromi was stunned.