Kimi no Mana wa Rina Witch episode 1


A magical space called “Contraindication Zone” that suddenly appeared all over the world.
The monster “Eater” that appears there and eats the human spirit
was powerless to Eater, which does not work for all physical attacks and even nuclear attacks ….

But humanity is not powerless forever.
An attack technique using bioenergy called “mana” — a warrior who can manipulate magic and defeat the only eater.
People called them “witch” witches —

training witches and their partner “familiar”. Witch school to do.
The main character, Toshiya Iizuka, failed the entrance examination, but became a student in the form of an invitation admission after finding an unequaled and big cock.

In this world, men who cannot use magic are required to supply “mana”, which is the source of magic for witches.
Since men are converted into “mana = sperm” in their bodies,
it is possible to replenish mana semi-permanently by giving sperm to the witch instead of using magic, that is, by sexual activity.

In this way, Toshiya’s life at Witch School began.