Ano Ko no Kawari ni Suki na Dake episode 1


Minako’s daughter Reina is pregnant, and her son-in-law (Akio) is a big boy in the rugby club when he was a student, polite, always bright, and has a nice smile.
When Reina was looking for her second-hand clothes recommended while she was out, she decided to wear underwear with an extremely small cloth area, string bread, chest design, etc … When she suddenly found a cheerleader’s uniform.
Akio, who misunderstood her as Reina, covered her from behind and asked for her body.
Akio stopped thinking that she was a mother-in-law, and when she talked about her worries about having sex for more than a month and approaching the limit of patience, she said, “Why don’t I take the place of that girl?” To be invited.
Someday motherhood changes to female sex …