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Knight of Erin episode 4

Her name is Erin. She travels the world with the sword spirit Nighthawk to regain her stolen magical power.
Erin and Hawk came to the Western-style building in the forest.
Erin squeezes the spirits of the men in the orgy of her maids.
“I’m not satisfied … I want more …”
Erin, dressed in her miniskirt maid outfit, provokes her libido under her cool look and gives her plenty of magical power. It was to replenish.
And finally, Erin and his friends have finished visiting her shrine.
The place where Tom Cat invited me to arrive was a space dominated by strange forces.
The innermost throne that I arrived at after kicking off monsters.
What was waiting there was the last enemy.
Can Erin win against a strong opponent?
In the woods with goblins! Wearing maid clothes and having a gangbang !! Unraveling
with a mummy man in bikini armor !?
The finish is unlocking the male instrument type key (Aibu) …… I’m the strongest in the world