Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu Mao Hen episode 2


The first night I spent with an unwanted man … that cast a dark shadow on Maisakura’s heart.
Mikio is worried about Maisakura, who seems to be inactive without touching breakfast.
At that time, an email arrives at Mikio’s mobile phone. The sender was Kenzo, the man who didn’t want to match Maisakura the most.
Mikio went out alone with his cell phone in one hand because Maisakura couldn’t understand the sender of the email.

As if he had seen it, he crawls around the butt of Maisakura left alone.
Maisakura tries to hold her hand down, as if to dispel her abominable memories of her last night.
However, the hand that tried to control her suspicious movement was only entwined with her fingers.
When the hot sensation of last night came up to her body, the words of invitation struck by her ears.
Her thoughts are not on her side …