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Knight of Erin episode 1

Her name is Erin.
She travels the world with the sword spirit Nighthawk, fighting as a mercenary.
One day she touched a mysterious object in the castle’s treasure trove, depriving her of the magical power of Nighthawk.
Erin escapes by trapping a soldier in the castle.
However, Hawk’s magical power remains lost.
Under the guidance of Tom Cat, the spirit of the shield that appeared in front of them, Erin decided to visit various shrines in order to regain Hawk’s magical power.
Thus, the adventure of Erin and his friends began.
She squeezes magical powers from goblins, squeezes her breast milk in the shrine trials, and works part-time as a bunny for money.
Erin and Nighthawk’s naughty rare journey begins.
“It’s for the purpose. I don’t like it.”
Sex = experience value !?
A woman’s weapon is an erotic body
sex and become stronger !!