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Knight of Erin episode 3

Her name is Erin.
She travels the world with the sword spirit Nighthawk to regain her stolen magical power.
“Yes. Congratulations on acquiring the material ♪”
Erin received the nurse clothes from Tom Cat.
The two were heading for a desert town while dealing with monsters along the way.
In the town he arrived at, Erin straddles a man among the nurses.
She squeezed her lust in the puddle and healed her patient as a nurse.
She is Erin who is confused by Sister at the association.
She is invited by sisters who are spreading the mysterious erotic doctrine, and sexually eliminates the worries of her followers.
She also gets more and more severe in the trials of the shrine.
Female Inu training of the public circle, ○ rape without 100 people.
Can Erin keep her sanity? Please regret to me all
the worries of your mind and body, all the worries of her that I will cosplay and solve.