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Knight of Erin episode 2

Her name is Erin.
She travels the world with the sword spirit Nighthawk to regain her stolen magical power.
Erin and his friends came to the seaside town.
Erin, who is put on Hawk who enjoys her open atmosphere, replenishes her magical power by having sex with a man and slime.
“Tell me Anne Anne when you see this person ~. Erin is erotic ~”
In the trial of her shrine, Erin’s chest became big breasts.
Erin, who is not completely satisfied with her first feeling, blames her opponent with her huge weapon.
If you put on her cat ears, you will be involved in a suspicious photo session, if you wear her cheerleader clothes, you will be invited by a part-time job behind her, and Erin’s erotic tech will squeeze the men!
Cat ears, cheerleader clothes, huge boobs
Which Erin are you excited about?