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Kuraibito episode 1

“If you stop doing this,”
Kotone shouts, but a meat stick that fills the bare ass hole.
Kamiyo’s hand approaching Kotone-chan, who hates men, distorts the voluminous twin milk, cracks the wet butt buds, and pushes up while violently echoing the sound of water … In

mystery club activities, leader Kotone A man and a twin girl lived in the rumor that Mami and Yuri aimed at.
Male students Tanemura and Kamiyo, who later lost their way, also visit the building, which welcomes the three people who are sheltering from the rain with a smile in the downpour.
Kotone is obsessed with Kamidai.

Kotone who hates men who refuses with words and attitude. Kamiyo approaches as if he enjoys the refusal.
Kotone, who happens to overlap by chance, has exposed his stubborn virgin limbs in front of Kamidai …