JK to Ero Konbini Tenchou episode 2


Shiori-chan, a cheeky JK, was completely fitted and fucked by her uncle.
And she couldn’t talk to Yui-chan or run away, so she went to work part-time today …
“That’s what you want to do, it’s crazy.”

I regretfully comforted my uncle’s cock with his limbs while taking out goods in the backyard.

However, Shiori-chan, who was overwhelmed, made a loud noise and made a loud noise.

Yui-chan, who is on duty at the cash register, is heading to the backyard.
“I’m going to get caught in Yui”

Shiori-chan is terrified.

My uncle, who dashingly lowered his skirt and behaved as if nothing had happened
, was a reliable person in the event of an emergency.