Hinagiku Virgin Lost Club e Youkoso episode 2

0%[Welcome to Miu Galcchi Ushi-chan]
“Kuroko,” “Nano,” and “Tsundere” continued to call Suguru and blindfold and continue to commit their bodies.
“Shinonome Miu,” “Ushi-chan,” and “Galcchi” accidentally witness the scene.
These three also called to the gymnasium in the same way and committed a blindfolded Suguru.
One summer experience, loss of virginity …

[Welcome to everyone]
It happened a week ago.
Kuroko is made to confess in front of everyone.
So I decided to invite everyone to go on vacation.
Suguru was devoured by the six who arrived at the cottage and became naked.
Kuroko, who had her feelings, decides to SEX as her Kuroko rather than pretending to be Moegi forever, and finally removes her blindfold.
Suguru was surprised at the sight spreading in front of him and accepted the shocking fact that he was having sex with everyone.
And to overlap the body while being impressed with each one. Includes “Welcome to Miu Galcchi Ushi-chan” and “Welcome to Everyone