Hinagiku Virgin Lost Club e Youkoso episode 1


“Welcome to Mr. Hinagiku”
The seemingly modest girl “Kuroko Hinagiku”, who is a member of the library, is actually beautiful and has an outstanding style.
Kuroko secretly thinks about “Otonashi Suguru”, the same library committee member, but Suguru’s favorite was the school idol “Moegi”.
After that, Kuroko, who confessed to her while blindfolded by Suguru, is mistaken for Moegi, who originally had a similar voice.
“If I’m Moegi-san, would you go out with me …?”
From that day on, Kuroko committed Suguru almost every day as Moegi.

“Welcome to Nano Tsundere”
“Otonashi Suguru” and her brother-in-law “Shinonome Nano” and her best friend “Nanno Tsundere” call Hinagiku Kuroko on the roof of the school, and Nano calls her brother. I told you what I was thinking.
Kuroko Hinagiku denied that, but she explained her relationship with “Otonashi Suguru” and decided to convince her that she was actually having sex.
Suguru is blindfolded and thinks that her opponent is Moegi, but Nano and Tsundere also mix and continue to commit Suguru’s body.