Inda no Himekishi Janne episode 1


Although it is a small country, it is blessed with abundant land and nature, and the Kingdom of Ribfar has a peaceful life without conflict. It is the Grenoble royal family, who is said to be the descendant of the sanctuary, which is said to have once landed an angel.
It was Jeanne, the forgotten memorial of her predecessor, who supported Queen Celine, who ruled her country on behalf of her late husband. She inherited her holy blood and her power as a magic swordfighter with a pure beauty, and she was a beautiful princess who was hailed as the return of angels, the wings of light, and the guardian angel of Ribfar.
Once defeated by Jeanne, the Ogre chief Gido, who returned from her land of death with the mystery of a dark elf, used a demonstrative strategy to lure Jeanne into her stalemate, sneaking into the castle and sneaking into her. I capture Queen Celine. Although the Ogres are similar in appearance to humans, they lack reason and prefer looting, and are extremely fertile. Even females of different races were particularly hated by women because of the ferocious ferociousness of beasts trying to lay and seed.
She trembles but humiliates Celine, who clenches her teeth to protect her dignity as her queen, with a mass enema blame that lasts all night, and relentlessly worsen her broken heart. Guido and his friends continue to scream.
Waiting for Jeanne to notice her trap and run back to the castle was the miserable appearance of Celine, whose lips were cursed from her mons pubis.
Celine is taken hostage in Gido’s trap, which aims to make Jeanne and Celine a botte belly mother and daughter who have an auger cub by this mystery that “remodels” a human woman to conceive an auger cub. Jeanne is forced to throw herself.
Jeanne bathes in her womb for the first time before the pain of her loss of virginity disappears. It was just an overture to her angel overrun, and her true shame awaited beyond that …