Kotowarenai Haha episode 1


Let me introduce you to Kosuke, a rebellious lad who’s got some serious issues with his mom, Shiori. He sees her as nothing more than a roadblock in his life, always getting in the way and laying down the law. It’s like she’s cramping his style. Kosuke hatches this mischievous plan to bring his bestie, Yuta, over to his crib. And what’s their agenda? They wanna kick back, relax, and watch some good ol’ adult flicks to get excitement flowing. Fate’s got its own plans in store. Shiori, who wasn’t supposed to be home, ends up crashing the party. Now, here’s where things take a wild turn. Yuta, being the stand-up dude he is, offers to clean up the dishes after some weird encounter to wash away the awkward situation. But Shiori accidentally slips and fall. Yuta, trying to be a hero, reaches out his hand, but ends up getting hurt himself. Now, Shiori is overwhelmed with guilt, and she decides to take care of Yuta’s injuries. Yuta gladly accepts her help.