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Watashi ga Toriko ni Natte Yaru episode 2

“Shachi Reverse” is a big bloomers fetish.
However, he was also interested in swimsuits, so he showed himself in a bathing suit on the roof of the school. The reaction was beyond imagination, and Saki was rubbed by Saki’s chest with excitement, and she was rubbed violently on the verge of being sick! !! At that time, another student came up to the rooftop and was forced to end the act in a half-finished state. Saki, who couldn’t control her desire, moved to her women’s changing room with Shun. Starting with a careful foreplay, the two people straddle Shun’s body and join together. Saki who has been ejaculated in her vaginal cum shot and culminated in a fierce counterattack by Shun with her cheeks inflated! !!

“Shachi 2”
Since Shiho’s first SEX, she has been crazy about at least two shots at a time in the girls’ changing room with a little boy in the swimming club. She was piled up many times, but she never met outside of school, so she promised to meet outside. When she meets at the meeting place, she is tall and conspicuous, but her small clothes that do not fit her body size further enhance her eroticism, and she is looking at Shiho from around her. Notices. She ran fiercely and escaped, and the place she arrived at was the shade of a tree that obstructed the view of the bustling park. In order to calm the crotch that the little boy had reacted to, Shiho intended to pull it out on the spot regardless of pretending to be, but that was not enough, and both of them reached the maximum excitement level and screamed violently. * Includes “Shachi Reverse” and “Shachi 2”