JK to Ero Konbini Tenchou episode 3


JK Yui, who is a serious girl, is cleaning the toilet with a sad face, thinking that she is a convenience worker today.
The line of sight is Shiori-chan, a friend who is hitting the cash register.
Yui-chan, who happened to see Shiori-chan and her uncle’s bad behavior in the camera,
tried to get the truth out of her, but she didn’t have the courage to do it. did not.
Meanwhile, Shiori decided to take a few days off from her part-time job for the scholarship exam.

Yui decided to pay attention to her uncle while Shiori wasn’t there and to stop her naughty things.
“Oh, uncle is a devil, a pervert, a fat.”

The uncle who is surprised by Yui who gets up from the tension is just overwhelmed by the power different from usual.

“Don’t be terrible to Shi-chan, I’ll appeal to the police.”

Yui-chan, who had prepared the evidence, was forced into it, and it was good to say it in a hurry.

It’s unlikely to go. I was forcibly approaching Yui-chan …
“No, please stop, uncle, dad.”

I don’t know why it’s called this way, but my uncle is excited to discipline Yui-chan.

He stood up and mercilessly slammed his discipline into a clean limb …