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Yue ni Hitozuma wa Netorareta episode 2


[Tokitori no Hina]
“Aoi” has been married to the Kotori family for two years.
My mother-in-law told me that my daughter-in-law’s duty was to have a child and protect the house, and
I decided to call and take care of the head family “Otori Itsugoro” … What was the decision to have a child or leave the Kotori family !?

[Married woman is violated twice]
Miho was threatened by the neighbors after being voyeurized at the scene where she had sex with her ex-boyfriend.
She decides to present her own body on the condition that her video is deleted …

[Therefore, the chairman of the neighborhood …]
A young couple who moved to a land they did not know.
A reassuring chairman of the neighborhood lived next to it, and three people were drinking.
The bride goes to the bedroom first, and the husband is crushed by the sake of the chairman who is good at drinking.
The chairman of the neighborhood goes to the bedroom and devours the bride’s body instead of her husband.