Futabu! episode 2


“Hah … Hah …”
There was Mao who drips a large amount of liquid while walking around the corridor and suppresses the expanding crotch.
I didn’t know about Mao’s situation, and Ai and Aya were playing with each other while cleaning in the large communal bath.
The two who gradually escalated, their standings are reversed from usual !?
On the other hand, Mao slumps in the back of the preparation room and pulls out by himself as a first aid measure.

Sumika, looking at the scene from behind, reaches out to Mao’s crotch with a smile and wears restraint pants as an erection measure.
And Sumika asks her to remain the cute director, and makes her cheeks cheek.
She further inserts her little by little so that her Mao’s vagina does not break, and she floods her vagina with a large amount of semen that has accumulated for three days.
At the moment of her second shot, her Mao’s body squeezed, and a big cock wearing her aura finally shouted !!