Brandish episode 2


Tsuka, who was disappointed by Theo, who was awakened by a brave man, was looking for a chance of revenge as a waitress in a bar.
But her determination to quickly eliminate her hero was shaken by the adorable appearance of Theo.
Then she wants to enjoy Theo’s body to the fullest, and she breaks into the bathhouse where Theo is.
Not realizing that Twiska was in disguise, Theo was just confused by the sudden intruder. Twiska pushes Theo down and begins to wash her Theo’s back using her own body.
Theo is blamed at the mercy of Twiska. The good news is that Twiska straddles theo and tastes the penis.
Fainted by her Twiska, Theo wakes up in her room. There was Twiska dressed as a waitress.
She is sneaking up on Twiska. Theo who backs off. She robs her Theo’s lips rather than stuffing them all at once.
Twiska, who had taken steps to keep the hero from awakening, wanted to fully enjoy her cute Theo …