Genkaku Cool na Sensei ga Aheboteochi! episode 1


Aoma Kimishima has a favorite woman. She is Rinne Kazama, a teacher at the school where Aoma attends.
She is a woman with a good-looking body wrapped in a crisp suit, short cuts, long eyes, and dignified beauty.
She had Rinne next to her house, and Aoma had taken care of her from an early age. She has a sibling-like relationship, but Aoma was in love with Rinne.
Aoma who writes a love letter with courage, dispelling the anxiety that the relationship so far will be broken by conveying his feelings.

However, Rinne’s reply was the act of tearing down a love letter in the morning homeroom with other students.
Her name was never exposed, but Rinne’s relentless deeds were more than enough to defeat Aoma.
Still, she couldn’t abandon her feelings for Rinne, and Aoma complained to her club advisor, Hazuki Mizushiro.
Hazuki, who was devoted to listening, presents the pills to such a true spirit. It is a supplement created by Hazuki that is popular when you drink it.

When Aoma drinks while suspicious, the crotch begins to tingle strangely immediately after that.
Looking at him, Soko was inflated to the extent that he had never seen it.
Hazuki, who decided that this was a side effect of the supplement, put his hands on Soshin’s pants …