Kara no Shoujo episode 2


A graduate student of Sakuraba Jogakuin who disappears one after another. A mysterious mysterious case where only her limbs that were cut off are found. Reito couldn’t find a clue to the solution of the case.
One day, she visits Reito with her book, which has Tsuzureko 40, a graduate student of Sakuraba Jogakuin.
She is a novel called “Sheol’s Shell” in the book. Coincidentally, the content was in a series of incidents. The author is Shin Katsuragi.
Tsuzureko suspects that Katsuragi Shin is the culprit …
The phone ringing to the Tokisaka family was the phone that the graduate student of Sakuraba Jogakuin had disappeared.
As expected, the next victim is … Can Reito break this chain …?