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Koutetsu no Majo Annerose episode 1

The stage is the abandoned city of Amidahara.
A girl named Miki comes to ask for help under Annerose, a witch swordsman who runs a detective business on the shores of darkness where the inhabitants of the demon world, criminals, and armed refugees are slaughtered.
She said, “I want you to find her brother.”
At the request of the girl, Annerose gets caught up in a fierce battle with the dark forces that nest in Amidahara …!

Rikuo Tachibana, whose soul was robbed by the witch Annerose and became an immortal servant, pours a large amount of semen into the mouth of the bewitching beauty Aish who calls himself Annerose’s best friend, and punishes the devil girl Michiko who always tries to make her dead. Recommended.

She loves Annerose lesbianly, and Michiko, who thinks her man isn’t quite suitable for her Annerose, plays a trick every time.
If Michiko is successfully restrained with the help of Aish, she will be disciplined by revenge virgin penetration training until morning.

Whether it’s a desire operation by Aish or an explosion of her own inferiority, Rikuro attacks her sleeping master Annerose and even sets up a belochu seeding SEX …!?