Enbi episode 1


Kentaro returned home during the summer festival season.
While blushing at his aunt Shizue’s yukata, he was thinking of Shizue’s abundant body leaving.
At that time, she witnesses a shocking scene where men are playing with her in the precincts of a mountainous shrine.
It wasn’t Kentaro’s aunt Shizue who was holding the three men and making an ecstatic expression while chewing.
There was Kentaro who was peeping through the woods as if he was digging into the scene where the rich love juice was overflowing from the local area from the gesture like a female cat.
――Kentaro reaches out to his childhood friend Rumi, who is sleeping when he returns to his parents’ house.

Rumi, who notices a little, gently holds Kentaro’s thing.
On a summer night, slowly leading Kentaro to the climax, there was Shizue, who gently peeked into the love between the two.