Swing Out Sisters (2014) episode 1


Yuta lives with two older sisters, Chiyo and Chinatsu, who attend the same school.
One day, when Yuta was folding the laundry instead of Chiyo, he was surprised to find a pair of rugged pants.
I don’t think it belongs to Natsu-nee, so Chiyo-nee …!?
That neat and clean Chiyo-nee is wearing such bold underwear!
Yuta hardens with her pants in her hand. However, it was from Chinatsu.
When I noticed, Chinatsu is sucking Ji Po.

No matter how much Yuta says “let’s stop”, she doesn’t understand.
Chinatsu is weeping. She was angry even though she was Yuta for Chinatsu but was fond of her Chiyo.
However, Chiyo came over there …!

The relationship between the three people, where dreams and reality are intermingled, becoming indispensable.
And the school festival. I couldn’t get close to the maid cafe that Chiyo was doing, so I was pulled around by Chinatsu …