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Konna ni Yasashiku Sareta no episode 2

“Hospital is happy”
Ishii, a 26-year-old single man, suddenly becomes hospitalized when he receives a health checkup at the company for the first time.
He said the reason for the hospitalization told by the doctor was “virgin” and that it was quite advanced.
The nurse in charge, Yukari Fujita, who is in the hospital, is a real dojikko and a devoted busty girl.
She has to get her erected for inspection, but she doesn’t go well because of tension Ishii.
Yukari, who declares that she will cure Ishii’s virginity, begins special treatment.

“Yui no Shrine” Yui,
a shrine maiden surrounded by creditors because of the debt owed by her parents.
Continue to devote her unclean body to her beloved mother.
Every night she is struck by many men and sheds tears.
She can’t resist her nightmarish pleasures that she can’t escape, and she’s raped and polluted both above and below.
I can’t go back …