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Konna ni Yasashiku Sareta no episode 3

It is rumored that Chie Kurata, who is a beautiful “Adoration”
but is unpopular and uncoordinated, has been relegated from the head office to a local station.
One day, a few months after she was stationed, important contacts within her department were not communicated only to her, making a mistake that would not normally occur.
At midnight when the problem was cleared up, her boss Shirai called out to follow her, but her kindness cut the tension of wisdom that had been tense until then, and she was like a girl. It made me cry.
Because of that, the two who are separated from each other have a relationship.
It didn’t matter how old the man and the woman wanted each other, touched each other, and felt each other.

“Mother I don’t know” When I
played the AV I bought casually, I saw her mother’s appearance when she was young.
I still don’t know the true circumstances of living with a single mother and having my father gone.
Like a magic lantern, the nasty footage of her mother and men mixed with her childhood memories of spending time with her mother at that time.
Her mother’s appearance on her screen was different from her mother she knew, but she did not look down.
She has nothing to apologize for. I’m a good boy in front of her mother. She is from now on …