Class Reunion Again episode 1


A reunion was held in the winter when the friends who were with us in the tennis club celebrated the seijin-shiki. Mizuho, ​​who was sent to her, is pleased that her former friends are still there. There is also her favorite person, Tatsuya, and Mizuho involuntarily dyes her cheeks. As a ski trip at the beginning of the new year, I went to a pension run by Mizuho’s parents’ house. Mizuho and his friends enjoy the open-air bath and skiing with their reopened friends.
However, Mizuho’s mother collapses due to overwork. Mizuho is worried when her grandfather asks her to live with her family. I’m worried about her mother’s body, but I want to spend time in the city where Tatsuya, the person hidden in her chest, is. The answer Mizuho gave in her swaying heart …