Class Reunion Again episode 2


In the winter when the friends who were with us in the tennis club celebrated the
seijin-shiki, we held an alumni association and all the friends who were enthusiastic gathered together.
Over the years, the annual rice cake making was held at Ayu no Ie, and Tatsuya also participated.
Mamoru who appeared there was an acquaintance with Ayu and Tatsuya from an early age. And the two shots of Mamoru and Ayu who grew up seemed to be close enough to be recognized by the surroundings.
Tatsuya, who was called by Mamoru, was asked to take charge of the relationship between Mamoru and Ayu.

Tatsuya, who is not aware of Ayu’s feelings, talks to Ayu, and the two become awkward.
Is the method Tatsuya really wanted for Ayu, and for Tatsuya?
The two spent their last date without being obedient to each other’s feelings.