Milk Money episode 1


“Mama … Mama !!”
A dim basement. A skinny man’s face, chained together, is sandwiched between huge breasts. Breast milk pops out of a woman’s nipple, flutters in the air, and hits a man’s face. The man runs out at the same time as screaming. Next to that, a woman covered with breast milk and juice is ecstatic.
Kyoko Sano raises her only daughter, Marika, with one female hand prior to her husband. Since she was young, she had a lot of milk, so she was a nanny and she was breastfeeding many children. When making the story Marika, Kyoko tells her senior student of her Marika that there is Ide Fuyuji who was her old nanny.
Fuyuji still longs for her nanny Kyoko and can’t forget her huge breasts. For Marika, as a boyfriend as a slightly unreliable but kind brother, Fuyuji became a satisfying partner. And one day when Fuyuji visited Marika’s house. Kyoko, a nanny who met after a long absence.