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Milk Money episode 2

Marika knows the secret between her mother Kyoko and Fuyuji. However, my feelings for Fuyuji did not change. In Fuyuji’s mansion, Fuyuji attacks Marika who appeals with her tears from behind. “Ah, my brother grows up in me!” At that time, Kyoko contacted Fuyuji’s cell phone many times, but there was no response at all. Marika returns home and urges her mother Kyoko to break her relationship with Fuyuji. “Don’t meet your brother anymore!” Her daughter’s unexpected words made her stunned, but her eyes were completely crazy.

Suddenly she stood up and swung a knife into Marika’s throat. “I won’t forgive you. Fuyuji-chan is mine.” Since then, Fuyuji hasn’t been able to contact him and visits Marika’s house. “I’m sorry mom. I …” “Okay. Marika has run away from home. Now you can be alone.” And they went to the basement. Fuyuji soaks in pleasure by bathing in breast milk that bursts from a huge breast. “Ah, Fuyuji-chan, more, more!” The foolery in the basement seemed to last forever …