Tsuma Netori Kan: Bijutsu Kyoushi no Baai episode 1


Back in the day when Makoto was still a greenhorn at school, there was this mad popular art teacher named Yurina Ryokaze. Now, Yurina was tied down with a hubby doing his own thing in Italy. To add fuel to the fire, her old man, who owned the gallery building, fell ill. So, they roped Yurina in as a temp teacher at the school till her pops got back on his feet.

But hold up, it gets even wilder. There was this senior student called Sakakura, and he had this messed up obsession with Yurina. He’s the one who brought her to the school in the first place. So, him and his homie Yasuno cooked up a plan to, uh, “train” Yurina. You catch my drift, right?

Now check this out, Yurina gets a directive from the director to go on some fancy exchange workshop. And guess what? On the day she’s supposed to jet off, Sakakura hands her a cup of recommended black tea. Little did she know, that tea was spiked with something that made her all woozy and light-headed. Her vision went pitch black, and bam, she collapsed like a damsel in distress. Shit just got real, bro.