Booby Life episode 1


My student life was almost over, and I had a hazy day … I had a dramatic reunion with my sister, Ayane, who had taken care of me since I was a kid.
Moreover, Ayane was the owner of huge boobs that I had never encountered before!
“Naoto-kun, do you like my boobs so much?”
As a lover, it seems that you can massage and suck the huge boobs as much as you like! However, her childhood friend Chika rushed over there! Chika has huge boobs as big as Ayane!
“Chika’s boobs are only for her seniors!” Is it
an older sister type Ayane? Is it my sister type Chika ?! I’m worried about being sandwiched between four huge boobs!
From good morning to good night, the OPPAI life of “massage sucking life” has begun!