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Waisetsu Missile The Animation episode 1


・ “Retribution weather”
Kasumi Nagatsuki was thinking about Takemura in the next class.
One day, Takemura witnesses the scene where the three bad guys are messing around.
She hides Kasumi from Takemura, and the next day, Kasumi is called by the bad guys.
Instead of touching Takemura, she intends to blame Kasumi.
Kasumi was sacrificed for Takemura, and she gave the bad guys …!?

-“Milk Party!”
At Yugo’s house, she raised a dairy cow “Ushiko”.
Dairy cows in this world look like cosplayed Onnanoko.
The next morning, Yugo gets a little excited to see his mother squeezing cow’s milk.
When he talks to a friend at the school, he is recommended to have sex with Ushiko … !!