Elf no Oshiego to Sensei episode 1


Hiroki Kobayashi spends every day teaching about 20 international students.
The international students that Hiroki is in charge of are not just international students. It is a race called an elf who came from another world.
It is unknown why the world where Hiroki lives and the world where elves live can come and go. The two worlds began to interact without conflict.
As one of them, an education and study abroad system was started by inviting residents from different worlds.
And now, Hiroki has a lover relationship with one of the international students, Lalanoa.
Hiroki was a teacher and a student, and Lalanoa was a representative of international students.
The two were secretly meeting outside the school so that they wouldn’t be noticed, but when they were alone in the classroom, Hiroki couldn’t stand what he was holding, and hugged Lalanoa and kissed him.
Lalanoa was worried about her eyes, but she gradually became obsessed with kissing.