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Kyuuketsuki episode 1

A mountainous area away from the city. A clan has lived there for a long time.
Their clan, who live by absorbing human vitality, especially from the inside of a woman’s anal, through mucous membrane adhesion through sexual intercourse, was called a “sucking demon” because of its nature.

A dubious Western-style building that stands alone in the unpopular mountains.
Mikage Onohara, a girl who was brought to such a place as a debtor.
She was taken by a mysterious beauty, Hino, who had a bewitching atmosphere, and when she headed to the basement of the building, she met Claude, the man who will become her owner.
But she doesn’t know yet. That this man is a clan of sucking demons who live by absorbing the vitality of people …

Her undressed Mikage was roughly laid down and foresaw her loss of virginity, but Claude’s fingers weren’t touching her vagina … her anal.
Anus hole that is kneaded and rolled. Claude’s erection meat stick that was taken out soon was applied to the unclean hole …
Mikage who was made to accept his huge Mara while involving anal meat.
Incredible behavior. Feeling I have never felt!
It was a confusing mikage, but the nightmare didn’t end there. After a fierce insertion that seems to be eternal, Claude ejaculates in the anus without hesitation.
When you are deprived of your thoughts by the hot cloudy juice, the intense sensation that comes in the next moment!
“This is a” sucking hole “.”
Claude mutters while trembling, and Mikage is at the mercy of the pleasures given to him without any way to do it, and finally he gets acme with his ass hole.
By the time Claude pulled out the cock, she had already fainted while squeezing her ass hole … she

was robbed of her anal virginity without knowing the pleasures of vaginal intercourse, and by her unfamiliar power ○ ○ An innocent girl who is led to the climax of the ass hole!
The training never stops, and the anal hole is developed by various means.
Eventually, the girl shakes her hips, goes crazy, panting in agony, and becomes an anal addict … !!