Tsun Tsun Maid wa Ero Ero Desu episode 1


First experience with a first love partner in a maid game that is not dangerous with naughty

It was a familiar childhood friend’s voice that robbed Eiharu Makio of a calm morning.
The poisonous tongue of Kiriha Hariyama is still the same, but the appearance is an unfamiliar maid figure.
Her apron dress and her chest are erotic maid style with bold cuts, miniskirts and over knee socks.
Eiharu of her maid fetish wakes up with an unexpected eye.

In addition to her appearance, she is also worried about the wording that calls prosperity her husband.
She says Kiriha was asked to take care of her personal belongings and correct her erotic hobbies while her parents were away from her prosperity.
In addition, the appearance of the maid was a weakness of the maid fetish that could not go against her maid.

And a maid game devised by Kiriha to correct erotic hobbies.
Her three service menus presented seemed to be worth choosing.
The curtain of a sweet and naughty maid game opens.