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Kagirohi: Shaku Kei episode 1

A worship that has been handed down in a village that has existed for hundreds of years since ancient times.
A girl, Minazuki Hydrangea, who is sacrificed at the worship. A girl who has been kidnapped by the villagers as a sacrifice because she was killed and despaired by her family just by holding her “proof”.
She suffered from a fierce blame with the tentacles of the ancient god Izanami, was robbed of her virginity, and was a hydrangea who endured steadily while releasing her girl’s seed juice into the womb.

Aoi and Kusano stand up to rescue her.
However, Shirakuna is also trapped by the villagers who worship her, and she is snarled by dirty men for her beautiful limbs ….
Can Aoi rescue the hydrangea while XX, screaming and despair are crying?