The Cougar Trap episode 1


Ryoko Serimiya, who lives a calm day, was happy. A very mediocre family surrounded by her husband, who tends to be absorbed in her work but works for her wife, and her only son, who is a little shy but kind.
But I was a little dissatisfied with Ryoko.

“Hey, you … for the first time in a long time …”
“… I’m sorry, Ryoko. It’s early in the morning tomorrow.”

Who knows that the mandarin duck couple, who has a good reputation in the neighborhood, is actually sexless? Ryoko who tuckes up her skirt and messes with her crotch from the top of her underwear. She always had to comfort herself.
Thus, the chaste Ryoko, who only knows the man her husband, suppressed the runaway of her young and ripe body. One day her son brought a friend to her house. Her son’s friend was beautiful and above all kind.
But she doesn’t know Ryoko. That friend was a “devil” who despised Ryoko !!