The Cougar Trap episode 2


Ryoko is surrounded by a good husband and a gentle son. But her unsatisfied body accepts her son’s friend Ryoto.
Ryoko who spanked her ass and urinates in response to her body. “Mr. Ryoko likes to be hit in the ass.”
“Stop! Iku, Iku” Ryoko turns into Ryoto’s meat ○○. But she doesn’t really want her son’s friends.

On the other hand, she is her son’s will, who is being tossed by Ryoto’s mother, Misao. “I don’t want to do it anymore.”
“Ufufu, Kazushi-kun’s body doesn’t seem to think so.”
“If you do this, you can’t face Ryoto. And her mother!” Ryoto, who is cold, puts them in the final trap …