Tennen Koi-iro Alcohol episode 2


・ “Himitsuno Hanazono”
Yu-kun, who is curious, is curious about Mayu-neechan’s Punipuni big boobs.
What Yu-kun wanted as a reward for getting 100 points in the test was white and soft boobs like Mayu-neechan’s marshmallows!! Yu-kun, whose nipples are getting stuffy.
In order to become more grown-ups, the two become one with a naughty adult kiss that is properly done with a dick.
Yu-kun and Mayu-neechan, the children’s room is a secret Hanazono only for two people.

・ “Tempusion!”, “Honey Snow”
Yukino and Age are her seniors and juniors.
When Age got home, she saw Yukino sitting on the front door.
More than in front of her, her breasts have a voluminous feel that makes her want to cover her eyes.
Reunion for the first time in 3 years. At that time, Age suddenly confessed to Yukino, who was secretly thinking about her, and she went straight to the hotel and spent a hot night.
However, since then, she has lost communication with Yukino.
She can’t forget that night, but Yukino, who suddenly appears, doesn’t seem to care about that.
She begins to feel that by stacking her bodies, she cannot escape from the feelings of each other that are attracted to each other.