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Koinaka: Koinaka de Hatsukoi x Nakadashi Sexual Life The Animation episode 1

The main character is the only son of a lonely shrine in a small countryside.
Although the issue of taking traces of the shrine was whispered, it was still a long time ago that he became a civil servant and
lived every day as a student who wanted a stable life.

Meanwhile, the hero’s father, who preceded his wife, disappeared during a remarriage story with his young daughter.
Okaeri, who was scheduled to remarry, and his younger sister, Motoka, will start a strange living together, but he
manages to live a normal life with the help of his childhood friend Mioya Nonohara and a few shrine supporters. I continued.

One day, things change when Okaeri brings a girl home.
The girl, who calls herself Kudo Mai, calls herself a bride who was raised to keep the bloodline of
the hero’s house, and decided to live in the hero’s house as it is …

Although the hero and Mio Nonohara are puzzled by the sudden development, they
are surrounded by girls The first love x cum shot sexual life started in a small countryside