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Koiito Kinenbi The Animation episode 2

[Holy Night just below the sudden turn]
On Christmas Eve night, Aisha, who was working for Santa, accidentally slips and faints at the final destination.
The man who lives in her house misunderstands Aisha as a gift …!?

[Small devil Anna]
Her younger sister Anna comes to play with Kanako.
She heard from Yurie that she had a relationship with Kanako and Yuichi, but the atmosphere was awkward.
Anna goes to Yuichi’s room to deliver her forgotten items and becomes alone.
Anna, who is curious about nasty things …!?

[Holy Night Happy Bell]
Eve, a year after Aisha’s first arrival, Aisha’s younger sister, Sasha, came to the man’s house.
Sasha brought a naughty Santa Girl outfit.
She wore this and slaughtered a man with a message from her mother asking her to show her grandchildren !!

[Musume her opening]
Recently, Kanako’s attitude is awkward. Was feeling uneasy.
Kanako receives advice from Anna and rushes into Yuichi’s room at midnight.
So Yuichi made a confession to Kanako!