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Koiito Kinenbi The Animation episode 1

[Musume Hirai 1]
Yuichi, a poor student, was helping Kanako, the manager of the apartment, which she secretly admired.
Yuichi was treated to dinner by Kanako as a thank-you, but she heard Kanako screaming in the shower.
When Yuichi hurriedly jumped into the bathroom, Kanako’s tub hit her and she fainted.
Yuichi’s lower body reacts when Kanako is being held by her knee pillow. Yuichi who has surplus momentum goes to Kanako as it is …!?

Himeno who is standing and practicing in the club room of the drama club.
The captured child fox plays a mischief on her chest by an excited boy who plays the role of a director.
Himeno, who has been naughty as it is, involuntarily calls him “brother”.
In fact, he and Himeno were childhood friends.
He left himself to the overflowing libido called “Onii-chan” … !!

[Musume Hirite 2]
Kanako and Yuichi came to a hot spring trip with the kindness of Kanako’s mother, Yurie.
However, Yurie was also staying there.
She was interested in Yuichi. Yurie approaches Yuichi during meals and in the private open-air bath.
Fortunately Kanako got drunk, she finally rushed into sex !?