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Momoiro Milk episode 2

・ “I can’t stand it!”
Hibiya decides to have Yoshikawa teach her study in the school library.
However, when I sat next to each other, I was confused by Yoshikawa’s F cup and couldn’t concentrate on her studies.
At first, I’m going to touch it for a moment, but I rub the raw milk directly and start messing around with the nipples.
Breathing became rough … The moment Yoshikawa culminated, the door opened and the two hid in a locker.
The skin overlaps in a closed space, and the heartbeat gradually increases and at the same time the intensity increases.
No more, I’ll find you … But I can’t stand it anymore !!

・ “Look at me !!”
Yuna Hoshikawa is a gravure idol and a villain heroine with big breasts!
Her shooting AD, Hiraoka, has been a fan since Yuna’s debut and was the first person to line up at her first handshake event.
On the other hand, Yuna is jealous when she hears Hiraoka talking about another girl.
She loved her so much. She wanted me to see her … so I wanted to do anything …
I might have misunderstood each other, but let’s commemorate both feelings today ♪ I’m glad you were the first person!