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Momoiro Milk episode 1

・ “Be careful of heat !!”
Sanae, the daughter of the landlord, came to visit her when she heard that the inhabitant, Taue, was sleeping due to the heat. Living alone as a man. She makes a mistake because of a misunderstanding while her consciousness is stunned.
I suspect that event is a dream for a moment, but I have no regrets about what happened!

・ “Maho-sister is an insane rush”
Two-year-old sister-in-law, Maho Koishikawa (Maho-sister) and Sota Koishikawa are very close sister-in-laws.
To Maho, who is friendly to her, Sota hopes to cross the line, not the relationship between siblings.
When I woke up in bed at night, Maho was on top.
Sota suspects that she is a dream because she was asleep, but she decides to leave herself as it is …

・ “Maho-nee no Momoiro Milk”
Maho- nee is beautiful, cute, good at cooking, and sweet! It’s pretty naughty and the boobs are smooth and mochi ♪
By the way, milk comes out from the boobs, right? How to realize it ??
I want to drink Momoiro Milk as soon as possible