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Nee Summer! episode 2

Kei makes Yuta enjoy the knee pillow. Rather than Yuta’s metamorphosis reaction, I’m more concerned about the couple who are flirting nearby.
“Does it look like they are flirting to that couple? 』
When I think so, Kei is ashamed because there is no pattern.
Contrary to Kei’s thoughts, Yuta grate Kei’s swimsuit bra and spoil it with raw milk.
Kei praises Yuta, but he can’t shake off Yuta’s spoiled attack, and he just rushes into H …

Kei, who went to the summer festival alone, happens to know the true nature of Yuta’s unrequited love, Yoko.
One day, Kei in a school uniform appears in front of Yuta, who is vaguely looking at Yoko’s cell phone photo. What action did Kei take before the surprised Yuta?